The SEA-Europe Pilot Joint Call for Mobility Projects 2015 marked a significant stride towards fostering scientific cooperation between Europe and Southeast Asia. This initiative was part of the SEA-EU-NET II project, a four-year venture initiated in October 2012 and concluded in April 2017. Collaboratively orchestrated by 21 institutions from both regions, the project was steered by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. in Germany.

One of the noteworthy accomplishments of the SEA-EU-NET II undertaking was its dissemination of information about the Horizon 2020 program within the Southeast Asian community. This dissemination was achieved through a plethora of training sessions, informational broadcasts, and networking avenues. Particularly noteworthy was the project’s assistance to individuals in pursuing a European Research Council Starting Grant in 2015.

Another pivotal facet of the SEA-EU-NET II project was its analytical exploration into EU-Southeast Asia Science and Technology (S&T) dynamics, which significantly contributed to the official discourse between these two regions. This endeavor encompassed a Fact Finding Mission that yielded an exhaustive report titled “Spotlight on: Stimulating Innovation in Southeast Asia.”

Moreover, the project prioritized broadening accessibility and communication regarding EU-Southeast Asia S&T collaboration through diverse platforms and social media conduits. Furthermore, it elevated the bi-regional S&T discourse through the ASEAN-EU Science, Technology, and Innovation Days, held in Bangkok in 2014, Paris in 2015, and Hanoi in 2016. These gatherings drew attendance from up to 500 participants from both regions, serving as a platform for showcasing Horizon 2020, conducting scientific workshops, and enlightening researchers about mobility programs in Europe.

The SEA-Europe Pilot Joint Call for Mobility Projects 2015 exemplified the dedication of both regions to collaboratively tackle scientific challenges and seize opportunities. It serves as a beacon of successful international collaboration in research and innovation, paving the way for forthcoming collaborative endeavors. For a more comprehensive insight into the outcomes and facilitators of this initiative, the SEA-EU-NET II final report provides an exhaustive examination of the project’s impact and enduring influence.


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