Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme

The Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) between Southeast Asia and Europe shines as a symbol of global collaboration, fostering research and innovation across continents. It boasts a rich legacy of nurturing joint efforts between Southeast Asian and European nations, with the aim of tackling global challenges through collaborative research ventures.

The genesis of the JFS can be traced back to the shared vision of enhancing bi-regional collaboration in the domains of science, technology, and innovation. This vision was translated into reality through the concerted endeavors of national, regional, and local funding entities from both regions, under the auspices of the European Commission.

The JFS has played a pivotal role in initiating annual calls for proposals, with this tradition continuing in 2023. The inaugural call of this new phase was rolled out in the final quarter of 2023, marking a significant milestone in the chronicle of the scheme. The intention is to sustain this tradition with subsequent calls slated for the third quarter of 2024 and the second quarter of 2025.

Ms. Patchara Umprasert, affiliated with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), serves as a key facilitator for the JFS calls. Her involvement ensures the smooth execution of calls and the attainment of JFS objectives.

The announcement of the 8th JFS call on December 1, 2023, underscores the scheme’s steadfast commitment to advancing research and innovation. This call underscores the imperative of sustainable development, inviting researchers to contribute to pivotal areas crucial for the future of both regions.

The impact of the JFS is palpable in its backing of multinational research and innovation ventures, crucial for addressing issues like sustainable food production and climate change. These endeavors not only propel scientific progress but also lay the groundwork for pragmatic solutions to urgent global challenges.

The JFS epitomizes the potency of collaboration, amalgamating diverse expertise and resources to carve out a brighter tomorrow. As the scheme evolves, it stands as a testament to the enduring alliance between Southeast Asia and Europe, devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and societal advancement. For comprehensive details regarding upcoming calls and the JFS history, interested parties can consult official announcements and detailed briefings provided by the facilitators.

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