12 Styles of Rocking Chairs

Who doesn’t love the soothing feeling that comes with the sound and motions of a rocking chair?  Its movements tend to improve the flow of oxygen and enhance blood circulation to various parts of the body.

The result of this is that the motions of these chairs help to relieve joint pain, making it an excellent therapy for individuals suffering from arthritis as it help to strengthen their joints and muscles.

Also, these seats make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, which explains why you fall asleep so rapidly when lying on them.

There are older and modern varieties of rocking chairs; the older types are better for both your health and the interiors, whilst the current types are more concerned with comfort.

These chairs have been around for a long time and they come in various styles. In this piece, we’ll look at the different styles of rocking chairs.

Styles of Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs can be classified based on their material, style, and design. Here are the several sorts available on the market, each of which is appealing in its own way.

1. Wooden rocking chairs

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Rocking chairs are furniture; therefore it’s no surprise that most of them are made of wood. Wood rockers are quite appealing and add a natural feel to your room.

Furthermore, if made of high-quality wood, they can last for over 50 years. The chairs are built from a variety of woods, including softwood and hardwood.

Softwood is obtained from fast-growing evergreen trees. Such wood is not very durable due to its lightweight nature and short lifespan. As a result, softwood rocking chairs are more affordable and long-lasting.

Antique furniture lasts a lot longer because it’s composed of hardwood. These come from deciduous trees, including mahogany, oak, maple, and teak.

They generate very dense wood. Hardwood is the most durable rocking chair material since insects do not easily harm it.

2. Reclining rocking chairs

This is also one of the various styles of rocking chairs. As the name implies, these rockers contain mechanisms that allow you to recline the chair back.

As a result, homeowners who utilize lounge chairs like this option. However, you cannot utilize both the rocking and reclining capabilities of these chairs simultaneously; you must choose one or the other.

This sort of rocking chair is one of the most expensive due to its intricate design.

3. Swivel rocking chairs

Swivel is also one of the various styles of rocking chairs. Yes, some rocking chairs have a swivel mechanism that allows the user to move more freely while sitting.

There’s a lot of variance here. First, there are historic swivel rockers, which have a sturdy wooden base and a seat connected simply by a thick metal swivel bearing.

Then there are swivel rockers with rattan frames, which make for quite comfy lounge seats. Some spring rocking chairs are swivel-equipped.

However, the most common combination is glider rocking chairs with swivels. Swivel rocking chairs have a serious durability concern due to their various mechanical components.

4. Metal Rocking Chairs

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The metal rocking chair is an excellent option for folks who want long-lasting furniture but do not want to spend a lot of money on hardwood.

Metallic chairs are made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and iron. These chairs complement formal or modern settings and provide more seated stability than other chair designs.

Furthermore, metal rocking chairs come in a range of designs. Some of them are simply adaptations of existing designs.

So, while the majority of metallic chairs include fabric padding, others are made entirely of metal at the back and legs.

5. Traditional rocking chairs

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This is one of the earliest styles of rocking chairs. Old movies and television shows had a significant impact on the popularity of these rocking chairs. The majority of them are made of wood, with the back-and-forth motion created by the base’s two bent wooden legs.

The chairs feature a waterfall-style seat with a mid-level back. Traditional rocking chairs are highly durable due to their simple design and lack of mechanical components.

In addition, they are among the most affordable rocking chair models accessible. Although everyone can use these chairs, older people find them more comfortable.

6. Bentwood rocking chairs

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This is a traditional rocking chair design. The chair features a high backrest and is made of bent wood. It’s perfect for rocking in your living room or nursery. The chair is also ideal for sunbathing and reading.

Furthermore, the bentwood rocking chair is an excellent complement to any home. It’s a comfortable and attractive chair. The chair is also great for outdoor use, particularly on a deck or porch.

7. Glider Rocking Chairs

These rockers differ slightly from other types of rocking chairs. In contrast to rockers’ arc-like to-and-fro motion, gliders go forward and backward as if they were in a fixed spot. The lever and hinges allow it to swing like a door. This swinging is a type of rocking, therefore, they are rocking chairs.

Most glider chairs have a footrest, making them a popular choice among mothers looking for nursery chairs. They are far more expensive than typical rocking chairs and have plush cushions for enhanced comfort. You won’t appreciate transferring them between rooms because they’re heavier and larger.

Because of their mechanical components, these chairs are prone to rapid wear. It is recommended that you only buy them from reliable dealers.

8. Campground Rocking Chairs

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The best way to relax while admiring nature is in a camping rocking chair. They are portable, so you can take them with you anywhere, as they offer a variety of reclining positions and are comfortable.

It is also necessary to consider the rocking chair’s substance. You need something durable and weatherproof. There are numerous materials accessible, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Another significant feature of the camping rocking chair is its size. You want something spacious enough to be comfortable but not so large that it makes traveling difficult.

Furthermore, you may wish to evaluate the chair’s style to probably something that goes with your style. Many various styles are offered, including conventional, contemporary, and rustic.

9. Nursing Rocking Chair

A nursery rocking chair is one of the most essential pieces of nursery furniture. It not only makes parenting easier, but it also relaxes and soothes babies. Choosing the ideal nursery rocking chair might be difficult because there are so many kinds on the market.

However, you must select a rocking chair that allows you to sit comfortably for lengthy periods. If you intend to breastfeed, make sure your chair has padded armrests that are large enough to fully support your arms while still promoting proper posture.

Another important consideration when purchasing a nursery rocking chair is safety. Many rocking chairs have a bad reputation for pinching adventurous children who use them as a jungle gym. To avoid this, make sure your chair includes a locking mechanism for its reclining or glider capabilities.

10. Hanging Rocking Chairs

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The hanging rocking chair is another type of rocking chair we have on this list. This rocking chair is a great way to unwind on your porch or patio. However, if not properly placed, they can be quite harmful.

11. Ladderback rocking chairs

The ladderback rocking chair is another amazing rocking chair type. These simple rocking chairs include horizontal slats on the back that mimic a ladder.

They frequently feature high backs and help you maintain an upright posture. They are ageless pieces of furniture that can be kept in your drawing room.

Ladderback chair seats were typically made of wood and were reasonably priced. However, there are currently several styles with padded seats.

12. Spring Rocking Chairs

Spring rocking chairs provide a motion comparable to that of ordinary rockers but with greater intensity.

The springs are attached and concealed at the base, giving the chair considerable bounce. In addition, the majority of these chairs have soft cushions for maximum comfort.

Spring rocking chairs are ideal for patients who are encouraged to conduct simple workouts since they allow for more rocking while still giving them a comfortable place to sit.


So, here are the different styles of rocking chairs we love. Some of them have always been around for centuries while others are pretty new and gaining ground.

If you love to relax and also enhance your health, choosing any of these rocking chairs listed here is a good place to start.


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