A Comprehensive Guide on Walden University Requirements

One good thing about Walden application requirements is that there is no application fee at Walden, in contrast to other colleges. You only need to establish an account and fill out some basic information to begin your application. Your Enrollment Specialist will get in contact with you to address any inquiries you may have when your account is set up.

Application Conditions


1. Private Data

Enter your background information and contact details.

2. Employment History

Walden offers employee discounts to hundreds of companies through partnerships. To make sure you get any applicable savings, enter your employer.

3. Academic Background

Tell us about your past schooling so we can make sure you qualify for your program.

4. Documents and Transcripts

Transcripts from any previous colleges you have attended must be provided. Depending on your program, you might be required to send in more documents, including a resume.

5. Send Your Application To Your Enrollment Counselor

After reviewing it, your enrollment specialist will ensure that your application is prepared for submission to the admissions staff.

6. Admission Choice

After reviewing your application, our admissions staff will reach a decision.

Walden University Requirements In A More Simplified Way

1. Possess one of the following:

  • high school completion,
  • GED awarded, or
  • A college transcript demonstrating the completion of 12 or more credits while pursuing a degree

unofficial transcripts from school(s) accredited by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The name of the school, the student’s name, the grades they received, the credits they earned, their degree (if any), the course titles and numbers, and the dates of attendance must all be included on unofficial transcripts.

2. Candidates need to fulfill at least one of the following requirements in addition to the aforementioned requirements:

  • be at least 21 years old;
  • possess 12 quarter credit hours of college credit and be less than 21 years old;
  • be a veteran or an active military member (requires proof of service)

3. Notification of Decisions

Walden University tells candidates of their admission status after the evaluation process. Those that are accepted receive an acceptance letter detailing the next stages, such as how to enroll and how much tuition is.

In summary

Comprehending the Walden University admissions process necessitates being aware of the basic prerequisites, program-specific requirements and completion of paperwork requirements. Before submitting an application, prospective students are advised to do extensive research on the program they want to enroll in and make sure they match all requirements.

Walden University’s comprehensive admissions policy demonstrates the institution’s dedication to diversity and accessibility in higher education. The institution seeks to serve a diverse student body by accepting applications from people with a diversity of educational backgrounds and work experiences.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to visit Walden University’s official website or get in touch with their admissions office directly for comprehensive and current information on admissions requirements and particular program prerequisites. Further details on requirements for admission may be found in the Walden University Student Handbook.


It’s crucial to remember that the data shown here is meant to be used as a general reference and might change or be updated. Prospective students should always consult the university’s most recent information on admissions requirements.


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