15 Best Online Esthetician School

The beauty sector has expanded dramatically, with Statista estimating a global turnover of $625.70 billion in 2023. The esthetician or skincare business contributes significantly to this revenue, totaling US$168.6 billion worldwide.

Your enrollment in this program is a sensible move, and thanks to the advancement of online learning, you can now attend theoretical classes digitally while completing practical sessions in person.

This flexibility allows you to conveniently engage in classes from the comfort of your own home, giving you more time to focus on other concerns such as work, family, and leisure.

Importantly, numerous approved online esthetician schools may give you the exact instructions required by your state government for the licensure exam.

States such as Texas, Florida, California, and Georgia, among others, provide excellent online skincare programs.

Enrolling in an accredited school displays a commitment to high-quality educational standards and intellectual rigor. It also indicates that the school offers industry-relevant and up-to-date information.

Before we get into the online esthetician school, let’s talk about how to become a professional licensed esthetician through an online curriculum. Then we’ll look at the best online skincare programs accessible.

Best Online Esthetician School

When deciding on the top online skin care school, a variety of things must be considered, including the demanding curriculum, experienced instructors, provision of high-quality education and innovative teaching methods.

Aveda Institute has consistently proven to be the top online esthetician school because of its emphasis on natural materials and ecological practices. Other schools in this area are Elaine Sterling Institute, National Laser Institute, Seneca Polytechnic, and NoVa Laser & Esthetics Training.

It’s worth mentioning that our accredited skin care school list isn’t ranked from best to worst, but rather at random.

Meanwhile, there are other fantastic esthetician schools in Florida, Arizona, and even California.

Accredited Online Esthetician School

You should be aware that no institution offers a 100% esthetics curriculum—at least none that we are aware of—due to the program’s hands-on training requirements.

So you’ll get a combination of online theoretical classes and in-person training.

1. Elaine Sterling Institute (US)

This school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Instruction (COE) for providing high-quality esthetics instruction.

Their hybrid program offers a comprehensive 1000-hour (9-month) curriculum that meets the state of Georgia’s licensing standards for skincare experts.

2. The National Laser Institute (USA)

This is one of the authorized esthetician schools online that focuses on advanced hybrid training, including the Online Comprehensive Laser Course and the CME Online Cosmetic Injections Course.

They offer various locations across the United States where you can attend clinics for hands-on instruction.

3. Saint Paul College (USA)

This is another top online esthetician school that offers two programs: the Esthetician International Diploma, which will prepare you for the CIDESCO exam, and the Esthetician Certificate. It’s worth noting that the majority of their courses are in-person, with only a few available online.

4. Georgian College (Canada)

At Georgian College, you’ll learn how to offer spa services like cosmetics and specialty skin, body and hand/foot treatments.

The school will go above and beyond to assist you in understanding the necessary business applications for running a small skincare business.

The program is a little longer than what you’d typically find in the United States; it will take you two years to finish, but you’ll be awarded an Ontario College Diploma.

5. Seneca Polytechnic (Canada)

This is one of the accredited esthetician schools online in Canada that requires two years to complete. The curriculum will teach you how to perform facials, manicures, pedicures, body treatments and waxing.

6. Aveda Institute, Columbus (USA)

The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology approves and licenses the Aveda Institute Columbus for cosmetology, esthiology and nail esthetics. It offers three different esthetics programs based on your level: the Esthetics Program, the Advanced Esthetician Program, and the Esthetician Instructor Program.

7. International College of Beauty Arts and Sciences (USA)

This approved hybrid skin care program offered by ICBAS requires 600 hours to complete, with 50% of the class taking place online and the remaining 50% receiving practical instruction at the institution.

The training will begin with Disinfection and Sanitation and continue to facials. The final class will cover depilatories.

8. NoVa Laser and Esthetic Training (USA)

This is one of the authorized skin care schools online that offers a 600-hour Fundamental Esthetics Licensure Program that includes topics such as skin care, state laws and regulations, body and advanced treatments and so on.

It also offers a 600-hour Advanced Esthetics Licensure Program, which delves further into topics such as Advanced Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Lymphatic Drainage Treatments, and more.

9. Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy (USA)

This top online esthetician school has both a 300-hour and 600-hour Esthetics & Makeup Artistry program. It also provides a Massage Therapy Program, 320 hours of Electrology, and Laser Hair Removal.

10. New York Institute of Beauty (USA)

NYIB works with CIMA by Milady, a digital learning platform, to offer online classes to their students. NYIB, like several of the other recognized esthetician schools we’ve mentioned online, offers both a Traditional Esthetics Program that meets State of NY criteria and an Advanced Esthetics Program.

11. Evergreen Beauty College (USA)

Evergreen Beauty College administers its hybrid curriculum by hosting four-hour courses each day, with additional projects and coursework completed online. Their program is organized into three phases: the first begins with basic topics, while the third delves deeper into more complex issues.

12. GLOW College (Canada)

GLOW College provides a variety of 100% online, hybrid, and in-person skin care programs, including International Beauty Sanitation, Skin Care and Facial Treatments, Advanced Skincare Treatments, and Waxing.

13. The Esthetic Institute (Canada)

At the Esthetic Institute, you’ll embark on a comprehensive esthetic training program that will teach you all you need to know to start a career as a skincare professional. You can select from three delivery options: blended format (hybrid), traditional format (100% in-person), and distance learning.

14. New Age Spa (Canada)

New Age Spa offers a variety of basic and advanced aesthetic programs, including a basic esthetic course, advanced esthetic course, medical esthetics, chemical peel course, and dermaplaning course, among others.

The school proudly advertises a 99% predicted employment rate, ensuring that you will be able to begin working immediately after graduation, making it one of the best online esthetician schools.

15. Advanced Beauty College (USA)

This is one of the authorized esthetician schools online that offers 600 hours of skin care training. Your first 200 hours will be spent learning about the program’s health and safety, followed by 350 hours of skin care instruction and 50 hours of Hair Removal, Lash, and Brow Beautification education.

Benefits of Online Esthetician Training

Some of the primary benefits of enrolling in an online program to become an esthetician include:

  • Length: Online esthetician training can take as short as six months after you start. Your pace is determined by the quantity of coursework you take on and how quickly you complete the required hours of training.
  • Price: Online classes may be less expensive than traditional schooling. Many online colleges can provide lower-cost esthetician training thanks to digital materials and virtual classrooms.
  • Flexibility: Enrolling in an online esthetician school allows you to select when and how you complete instruction.

How to Become an Esthetician Online

Becoming an esthetician online is easier than you might think. Here are the proper steps you can follow:

  • Begin by selecting an accredited online school from the list we’ve provided.
  • Complete online class curriculum and hands-on instruction will teach you everything from the fundamentals of skin care to advanced practical training.
  • The next step is to take and pass the esthetician license exam required by the state or country where you completed the school (if in Canada).
  • Once you’ve passed, you can obtain your license from the state board, where you’ll need to confirm that you completed the program and took the licensure exam.
  • Finally, after you have your license, you can begin your professional career. You can work at spas and salons, start your own business, become a freelance esthetician, or work in medical offices, among other options.

Esthetician skills

Estheticians employ the following abilities to deliver skincare solutions to their clients:

  • Interpersonal communication: Because estheticians work with a wide range of clients, they must communicate well to preserve great client relationships. Estheticians also consult with customers to recommend skin-care procedures.
  • Customer service: Estheticians work in a variety of cosmetic institutions, providing clients with specific treatments. They must respond to customer requests with a cheerful attitude and exceptional service skills.
  • Technical abilities: Estheticians perform specialized skincare procedures that require training and practice. Their expected employment duties include techniques such as skin analysis, facials, and hair removal.

Tips for advancing your career as an esthetician

Here are some suggestions to help you enhance your career as an esthetician.

  • Undergo more training: Some estheticians prefer to further their careers through additional study and training. Earning further certificates lets you work in medical practices and other specialized areas of cosmetology.
  • Offer skincare products: You may elect to sell specialized skincare goods in addition to providing skincare treatments and analysis to clients.
  • Open your salon: Many online esthetician training programs include courses on the business side of cosmetology. After gaining experience as an esthetician in other facilities, you may want to consider creating your own studio or salon to treat your clientele.

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