10 Top Colleges for Dyslexic Students

Students with dyslexia may occasionally find things more difficult, but their condition shouldn’t stop them from pursuing a college degree. Luckily, with so many educational institutions striving to comprehend dyslexic students’ difficulties and support them in their pursuit of a degree, it’s now simpler than ever for dyslexic students to get the support they need.

There are many top colleges for dyslexic students that focus on providing dyslexic students with improved programs and courses in order to facilitate and ease their transition to college life.

Why Should Students with Dyslexia Study?

Students with a wide range of special needs, from learning disorders like dyslexia to hearing impairment, may now choose universities that provide outstanding programs specifically designed for them. These institutions put a lot of emphasis on providing professional guidance, support, tutoring, and unique activities meant to ease the stress and strain on parents and special kids alike.

Importance of Colleges for Dyslexic Students

Learning-disabled students will fortunately discover that several colleges for dyslexics have offices and services across the world that can handle accommodations, accessibility and assistive technology for a range of needs. To create inclusive settings for students with dyslexia, the institutions have dedicated service offices and disability coordinators on staff. They show a great deal of sympathy for kids with dyslexia and offer specific support, advocacy, and academic assistance to exceptional students.

Assistance To dyslexic students

Every college offers specific accommodations to dyslexic students. However, in order to get special student help and support services at institutions, students must present proof of a documented learning impairment.

The classes are intended especially for dyslexia students to provide them with an enjoyable and entertaining learning environment. Students are provided with dedicated housing on the college grounds. They receive extra help, such as longer exam times, quiet rooms for taking exams, use of dedicated note-taking computers, etc.

List Of Top Colleges for Dyslexic Students

1. University College, London

institution College London is a well-known institution in London, United Kingdom. It has been providing comprehensive programs for students with intellectual, cognitive and learning difficulties, including dyslexia, to a significant number of dyslexic students worldwide.

Students receive specialized support at the institution for everything from schoolwork to living on campus, which helps them develop their professional skills, do well in their classes and learn how to live independently.

Rank: According to the QS Top University Ranking 2014–15 and the Times World University Ranking 2015, University College London is ranked fifth and twenty-second, respectively.

2. The University of Sheffield

Another well-known institution in the UK is the University of Sheffield. The University of Sheffield, which is situated in South Yorkshire, specializes in providing degree programs and college programs for dyslexic individuals.

Special students can get assistance from student aid coordinators and the campus office to better manage their time, finish their tasks, and enhance their social and living skills. It employs experts, including academics with specialized training, to attend to the particular demands of dyslexic students.

The institution is pleased with its position, which places it 69th in the QS World Institution Ranking 2015 and 121st in the Times World University Ranking 2014–15.

3. Michigan University

The University of Michigan recognizes dyslexia as a vital component of its rich variety and has its own Services for Students with Disability, or SSD. The university hopes to collaborate closely with over a thousand students who are dyslexic.

The university’s SSD department seeks to provide a wide range of services to dyslexic students, including more time for tests, distraction-free testing spaces, real-time captioning and much more. In addition to offering free services on campus, the SSD office also offers its services outside of university property.

In the Times World University Ranking 2014–15, University of Michigan is ranked 17th; in the QS World University Ranking 2015, it is ranked 23rd.

4. Arizona University

The University of Arizona, which is ranked 86th in the world by Times Higher Education, provides extensive worldwide dyslexic students. Students with learning difficulties can receive assistance from the university’s in-house SALT Center (Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques).

The center’s main goal is to help dyslexic children meet their unique academic demands by offering them customized lesson plans and qualified tutors who support them with their schoolwork and seminars. Dyslexic students are permitted to utilize additional services as well as the dedicated SALT computer lab.

5. Essex University

One of the most popular institutions in the UK is University of Essex, which offers aid and support for study to dyslexic students. Specialized disability advisers at the institution concentrate on offering direction and counsel to students with exceptional needs.

The level of disability assistance services provided on university campuses surpasses expectations. Each dyslexic student’s unique needs are identified by the disability advisers, who then tailor disability support to meet those needs. Even now, the institution offers financial assistance to dyslexic students help pay for their university tuition and further study.

University of Essex is ranked 301-350 in the Times World University Ranking. In addition, the university has received several notable accolades for meeting the requirements of students with special needs.

6. Kapiti College, NZ

Renowned New Zealand institution Kapiti is proud to enroll thousands of students each year, including a large number of foreign students who struggle with dyslexia. Serving the unique requirements of overseas students with learning difficulties is the college’s goal. The institution has created a vast array of programs and courses specifically for dyslexic students. In addition to offering specialized courses, the institution places a strong emphasis on providing special needs students with complete disability assistance throughout their academic careers.

Highlights: Year 9 Literacy Option, Small Group Tuition, and Year 10 Course are the three distinct categories into which Kapiti College’s dyslexia courses are divided. The college also diagnoses dyslexia in addition to other learning problems in pupils through educational psychologist assessments.

7. Turkey’s Izmir University of Economics

Izmir Economics University is among the top colleges for dyslexic students of Turkey since, in addition to providing undergraduate and regular degree programs, it caters to the needs of students with learning disabilities. Students who are dyslexic are supported by the university’s own Disability Support Center. The dyslexic student gets the same consideration to pursue further education at the university as other regular students.

Rank: The university is ranked 2844th in the world and 62nd in Turkey, according to university rankings.

8. Galway’s National University of Ireland

NUI Galway, one of Ireland’s best institutions, is well regarded throughout the country for its innovative teaching style and outstanding research. The goal of NUI Galway’s Disability Support Service Center is to cater to the requirements of dyslexic students. The DSS center’s main goal is to provide all dyslexic students with customized instruction and learning opportunities. Dyslexic students can enter the university by DARE, a non-standard entrance method, or merit entry.

Place: According to the Times World University Ranking 2015, NUI Galway is ranked 261st, while according to the QS World Ranking 2014–2015, it is ranked 280th.

9. University of Canterbury Christ Church

Canterbury Christ Church University is renowned for its outstanding research possibilities and high caliber of academic programs. It’s the top colleges for dyslexic students of Kent Community that prioritize providing specialized education in order to significantly and favorably impact the lives of dyslexic students as well as additional learning challenges. The institution enrolls a sizable number of students from throughout the globe each year who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. For students with these kinds of unique needs, the institution offers specialized courses and programs.

Highlight: The university’s disability assistance team is committed to making life easier for dyslexic students Providing a carefree learning atmosphere makes things simpler and easier for them. Additionally, they offer financial guidance and assist with obtaining scholarships and grants that are available for dyslexic students.

10. University of Yale

With its vast range of programs, centers, museums, libraries and support offices for foreign students, Yale University—the oldest university in the United States—has been continuously serving students from all over the world. dyslexic students. On the university’s campus, all students with learning difficulties will get specialized assistance and accommodations.

Different administrative support services are available at the university for dyslexia students. Students with learning difficulties can enroll in specialized graduate and undergraduate programs offered by the institution. because of its commitment to helping children with learning difficulties find educational solutions.

Rank : Yale University has confirmed its standing at 9th position in the Times World University Ranking 2014–15 and 10th Rank in QS World University Ranking 2015.

Scholarships for Students with Dyslexia Are Available

Nowadays, dyslexic students don’t have to put obstacles in their way of attending college and earning a degree; in fact, because there are many scholarships and financial aid options available to cover tuition costs, dyslexia may really work to their advantage. International dyslexic students can apply to a number of scholarship programs. However, it is required to verify the qualifying requirements prior to submitting an application for grants and scholarships.


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