15 Top Rated Seminary Schools

Ranking the top rated seminary schools can be challenging, contentious and arbitrary. The graduate seminary programs at the following universities are routinely ranked among the top rated seminary schools. This is not to say that programs that aren’t on this list aren’t just as good, if not better. It’s crucial to take a variety of additional aspects into account when deciding which program is best for you, such as department specializations, location, pricing, and other considerations.

Top Rated Seminary Schools


1. Baptist Theological Seminary in Southeast North Carolina’s Wake Forest

Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary is among the top rated seminary schools. A three-year master’s degree is expected to cost $24,624 (higher for non-Southern Baptists).

It is frequently named the best Southern Baptist seminary in the United States. In fact, it surpasses the top rated seminary schools. Students are frequently drawn to Southeastern because of its reputation for fostering modern church ideas and promoting freedom of thought, in addition to its demanding academic program.

The L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture’s presence on campus is probably the reason for both of these endearing qualities. It has received a lot of praise for encouraging a strong sense of community across the school.

2. Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky’s Asbury Theological Seminary


A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $47,880.

Theological Seminary Asbury is among the top rated seminary schools. Despite being a United Methodist Church-approved school, it draws students from a variety of backgrounds and faiths. Students at Asbury have several options for a comprehensive theological education and the university’s robust curriculum places a heavy emphasis on a blend of academics and spiritual development. Prospective students will value Asbury’s excellent faculty, which now includes Dr. Ben Witherington III, a prolific author of over 40 books and six commentaries, and Dr. Craig S. Keener, a prolific author.

3. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $24,200 (more for non-Southern Baptists)

The largest and most prominent Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is located in Louisville, Kentucky. top-rated seminary schools in the US. Despite having students from many other denominations, it is the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship university.

It should come as no surprise that this seminary has enormous sway. For its about 6,000 students, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has strived to preserve the same academic rigor and biblical ideals since its foundation in 1859. The institution is renowned for being a stronghold of traditional theology. Respect for church history, creationism in Genesis, and the infallible authority of scripture are generally valued by both professors and students.

4. Denver Seminary, Littleton, Colorado

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $48,750

Colorado’s Littleton, home to Denver Seminary, is among the top rated seminary schools.  It gives its around 900 pupils the “freedom to think within the limits laid down in scripture” and aims to teach them “vibrant evangelicalism.” The evangelical and scholarly reputations of the nondenominational institution are solid. Denver’s program emphasizes training and mentorship regardless of the master’s degree (or doctorate) a student decides to pursue. The seminary has an extension campus in Washington, D.C., in addition to its main campus in Denver. There are other degree programs offered online.

5. Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School, Chicago, Illinois

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $27,000

Theological Seminary at Moody. Also referred to as Moody Bible Institute, it is among the top rated seminary schools. One of the most significant evangelists of the nineteenth century, Dwight L. Moody, is honored by the name of the Moody Theological Seminary.

Moody is renowned for being a theologically orthodox seminary that takes the Bible literally. Thousands of its alums are currently serving as ministers all throughout the world. Actually, a lot of full-time pastors use Moody’s online curriculum. Although Moody’s main campus is in Chicago, students can also pursue an education at its campuses in Plymouth, Michigan, Spokane, Washington and Seattle.

6. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $22,680 (more for non-Southern Baptists)

One of the top rated seminary schools among them is the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Several master’s degrees, including numerous Master of Divinity specializations, and doctoral degrees are available from Midwestern Baptist Theological institution, the official theological institution of Spurgeon College.

Using the seminary’s Online You program, students can complete their degree entirely online or on the lovely Midwestern campus in Kansas City. Thomas S. Kidd, a historian and biographer of George Whitefield and Andreas Köstenberger, a well-known evangelical researcher and author who founded Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Center for Biblical Studies, are just two of the school’s many distinguished faculty members.

7. Southern Evangelical Theological Seminary & Bible College, Matthews, North Carolina

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $29,970

Having been established in 1992, Southern Evangelical Theological Seminary is among the more recent institutions. top-rated seminary schools It is deserving of its position. Norman Geisler, the creator of a four-volume comprehensive theology book, established Southern. Its curriculum is still heavily influenced by Geisler’s theories.

As a result, graduates have a solid grasp of both evidential and classical apologetics. Southern Evangelical Theological Seminary is unique among seminaries in that it allows high school students to participate in dual enrollment.

8. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $38,070

Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh is among the top rated seminary schools. is a fascinating graduate seminary that is engaged in several innovative and fascinating projects. Among them are:

  • A Project to Plant Churches
  • Global Missions Program
  • A Metro-Urban Project

The latter supports several public and urban concerns. A vast array of master’s degree programs are available to students at the seminary’s aesthetically pleasing East Liberty campus. Pittsburgh’s curriculum is mostly scripturally oriented and grounded on the Reformed tradition.

One of the biggest theological libraries in the tri-state area provides more than 300,000 books for students to peruse. Among the well-known graduates of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary are Fred “Mister” Rogers, Ralph Watkins, and Neil M. Stevenson.

9. John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia

Estimated Cost of Three-Year Master of Divinity: $36,900

John W. Rawlings School of Divinity, formerly Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, is connected to Liberty University, one of the top rated seminary schools is the world’s biggest university for Evangelical Christians. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Rawlings is enormous.

The seminary boasts 60,000 students worldwide between its successful online program and its campus in Lynchburg, Virginia. Despite being a Baptist institution, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary enrolls students from a wide range of denominations. There are 44 distinct master’s degree programs available, including more than 20 Master of Divinity specialties, and 14 doctorate degrees.

10. Dallas Theological Seminary, Texas Dallas

A three-year master’s degree in theology is expected to cost $71,400 (Dallas Theological Seminary does not provide a standard master’s degree in divinity).

one of the top rated seminary school among theological schools, Dallas Theological Seminary is renowned for having popularized dispensationalism—the idea that the Bible is divided into seven historical eras. Even though this point of view was essentially unknown before to Dallas, dispensationalism has now permeated many seminary cultures and curriculum.

Dallas Theological Seminary offers its students a top-notch education that is taught from a variety of Evangelical theological stances. The M.Div. and Th.M. degrees are uniquely combined in Dallas’s curriculum. As a result, each graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary has completed an additional year of coursework.

11. Fuller Theological Seminary, California’s Pasadena

A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $52,200.

It has been said that Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena is “the most influential” and one of the top rated seminary schools, Fuller is renowned for providing excellent theological instruction. Compared to most other seminaries, Fuller draws students from a wider variety of theological traditions because it is a non-denominational institution.

About 90 nationalities and 110 faiths are represented among the many and vibrant student body at Fuller. In response to its sizable Korean student body, Fuller even provides a Master of Divinity degree program in Korean. Evangelicals and theologians who want to become Christian pastors often attend Fuller Theological Seminary. Among its many accomplished graduates are Rick Warren, John Piper, and Bill Bright.

12. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $41,940.

Founded in 1902, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary is among the top rated seminary schools. The stunning 12-acre campus of the seminary is close to the University of Texas at Austin. Dual enrollment between the two universities is a possibility for students. There are four degree programs available at the seminary itself: one doctorate and three master’s degrees. Students pursuing master’s degrees enroll in a wide range of engaging courses, like as:

  • preaching,
  • worship,
  • church history
  • pastoral support

Additionally, proficiency in at least one Biblical language is required of graduates. A practical internship must be completed by M.Div. students in order to graduate.

13. George W. Truett Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas

A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $30,072 (higher for non-Baptists).

In recent times, Baylor University’s George W. Truett Seminary has developed into one of the top rated seminary schools Thanks to its reputation, it has drawn some extremely big gifts as well as a number of talented faculty members. Truett Seminary offers a variety of possibilities for theological students to enjoy a well-rounded education, including distinctive cross-disciplinary activities. For instance, learners can enroll in unique courses such as:

  • Religion-Based Sociology
  • Church-State Studies
  • Among other things, American Religious History

Five combined degrees are available from Baylor University’s seminary in addition to the standard master’s degrees:

  1. J.D./M.Div./Juris Doctor
  2. Master of Business Administration, M.Div./M.B.A.
  3. M.Div./M.Ed. (Education Specialist)
  4. M.Div./M.M. (Music Master)
  5. Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work

14. Knox Theological Seminary, Florida’s Fort Lauderdale

A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $42,750.

In 1989, Dr. James Kennedy—a former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church—founded Knox Theological Seminary. Among the schools is Knox Theological Seminary. top rated seminary schools.

Kennedy gave the school the Scottish reformer John Knox’s name from the 16th century. But the school is eager to clarify that it is not affiliated with any one denomination. Since its founding, Knox has established itself as a reputable theological school with a distinguished faculty that offers rigorous academic programs. While students from various denominations are welcome at Knox, reformist viewpoints are often what draw most of them.

15. Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey’s Princeton

A three-year master’s degree in divinity is expected to cost $55,500.

Princeton Theological Seminary is among the most renowned, esteemed and prestigious universities, much as Princeton University and other top-rated seminary schools in the world. Princeton’s advanced theological program attracts students from many denominations, despite its formal affiliation with the Presbyterian Church.

Enrollment in the Seminary is purposefully limited to 500 students, and admission is extremely selective. In addition to its outstanding reputation, Princeton Theological Seminary has a gorgeous campus, an excellent program, and some of the top academics in the field. The Seminary boasts the second biggest theological library in the world, behind the Vatican, which is open to students.


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