5 Top Hockey Prep Schools


Hockey is a popular sport in many schools and most world hockey champions started on their local school’s team. The game is intense as the opposing sides try to drive the ball into their opponent’s goal.

It provides numerous benefits for student players and spectators, who may include their parents, siblings, friends and other well-wishers. Team practice together and form a community of players within their institution. The advantages are numerous, from helping them maintain their physical fitness to improving their mental health due to sociability.

Team members also develop collaborative abilities, which are valuable life skills. Are you on the lookout for top hockey prep schools? Here are some of them.

Top Hockey Prep Schools

1. Clifton College

Clifton College has won numerous County Championships, advanced to the National Finals every year for the past 14 years, and has had a considerable presence in international hockey.

The most successful was Lily Owsley, who was capped for the whole England squad while still a Clifton student and went on to win gold medals with squad GB at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and the Commonwealth Games.

The 66 boys’ and girls’ teams have outstanding facilities, including an Olympic-standard, water-based surface and two sand-dressed full-sized grounds, as well as current and former international players on the coaching staff.

Clifton also has a close affiliation with the Clifton Robinsons Hockey Club, which plays premiership hockey on its surface most Saturdays.

2. Dean Close School

Dean Close School’s boys’ and girls’ hockey teams of various ages have been National Finalists each year since 2009.

The coaches, with years of experience, train their teams on Astroturf pitches and a well-equipped indoor training facility. Players have access to the School’s Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning staff, which help them become strong and resilient individuals and offer a ‘Return to Play’ program to anyone who requires it.

The School’s Hockey Academy maximizes and develops talent through technical skill development, tactical game awareness, physical fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and injury prevention and psychological preparation, such as anxiety management.

Committed to one-on-one mentoring, students are assisted by guest coaches and current professional players who visit regularly to coach individuals and groups while also offering up-to-date expert advice.

3. Millfield

Hockey at Millfield, like all of its sports, takes pride in its development philosophy and legacy, which were established by Old Millfieldians who have represented the school as Olympic athletes.

The school has players at all levels of the pathway, from the Millfield Academy Center to the Elite Development Programme, which includes current and recent OMs.

Players can participate in a personalized program that includes technical one-on-one coaching, athletic development sessions with strength & conditioning experts and performance analytic monitoring.

In addition to or instead of school fixtures, high-performing players can challenge themselves by playing in the National League for teams such as Team Bath Buccaneers HC, Clifton Robinsons HC, and ISCA HC. They can also play senior or junior club hockey for their local community club, Mid Somerset HC.

4. Oakham School

Oakham School’s 75 teams have had success in league and cup competitions, both indoors and outside. Players have access to year-round training with highly qualified coaches, playing on facilities including two sand-dressed hybrid surfaces and an indoor sports complex.

Students wishing to play top school and club hockey can take advantage of the England Hockey Player Pathway, which includes access to the school’s own Skills Academy and county and Regional Performance Centres. They also get access to Men’s and Women’s National League Clubs, resulting in an exciting, dynamic and progressive hockey program.

In addition, the school has ties to professional clubs like Beeston, Leicester Ladies, Loughborough Students and Peterborough.

5. Repton

Since 2005, Repton has won 49 national titles in indoor and outdoor hockey for girls and boys of all ages. This has set it apart as one of the most successful hockey schools in the country. Every student has access to Olympic-quality, water-based Astroturf pitches and a team of specialist coaches, with ladies playing hockey multiple times per week during the Michaelmas term and males throughout the Lent period.

The most gifted players can hone their game all year by competing against schools, universities and club teams as part of the performance sports program, which has produced five Olympians since 2008 and won gold and bronze medals in London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020.

The quality of post-play analysis is a big contributor to this achievement; pitch-side cameras allow for individual and team analysis, which helps Repton teams polish and improve their performances. Pupils practicing with the England U21, U18, and U16 groups receive additional assistance to ensure that they combine their academic obligations while pursuing their athletic goals.

This support continues as students progress to higher education, with coaches and Repton’s HE team using their global perspective to guide students to the correct subject at the finest university, allowing them to continue playing at the highest level.

Effects of Hockey on Students’ Development

  • It Creates More Opportunities for Pupils

Hockey is an international sport, with countries competing for gold medals at international Olympic games. There are numerous competitions established at the municipal and regional levels. If a student has performed well in their school team, they have options to apply for scholarships for hockey students to help them advance their education.

They can also compete in local and regional contests, which may lead to an opportunity to join the national squad. There are also career benefits for students because some organizations hire people with such skills. They could be hired as school hockey coaches following graduation.

  • They Receive Several Health Benefits

Hockey is a physically demanding game, and students are constantly running on the pitch. They must learn to strike and pass the ball accurately, which improves brain and body coordination.

Their physical bodies remain fit and sweating allows them to expend energy and eliminate pollutants. Vigorous exercise promotes heart health and refreshes the mind.

  • Students will be able to Progress to More Difficult Problems in their Study

Assume that a student is assigned to produce a complex paper as well as an annotation for this effort. Before listing their sources, students must first grasp the detailed skills required to write annotated bibliographies.

Although understanding the finer details on your own can be difficult, learning the methods of annotated bibliography writing from specialists makes it more enjoyable. These are useful abilities for college education, and every student should try to learn how to write an annotation.

It has long been established that sports training, such as hockey, improves thinking and accelerates learning. This is one of the most significant advantages.

  • They Gain Collaborative Skills

Before entering the field, students must first prepare themselves by wearing complete hockey gear and holding a hockey stick. While on the field, the pupil must conquer opponents. A single pupil cannot defeat 11 opponents and drive the ball into the goal.

They must move the ball with their stick, pass it to a teammate, and position themselves strategically at all times so that they can pull, push, strike, or hit it as needed. Collaboration among team members is always critical for success.

  • Their Social Abilities Increase

Teamwork is essential for every hockey team’s success. Teammates frequently gather to strategize, analyze setbacks and plan for the future.

They eventually become friends as well as teammates. Members learn how to mingle, which helps them blend in during and after college.

  • They Gain Discipline

Hockey is a disciplined sport, and teams must establish various levels of discipline to excel. Students must set aside time for practice while also being present in the classroom when necessary.

They will not be excused from completing tasks or personal duties. To ensure the success of practice, pupils will schedule it early in the morning or late in the evening. To balance hockey and academics, the student must have a high level of discipline.

  • Help students gain confidence

A learner may never know if they are good at something unless they put it into practice. Without involvement, adolescents may believe that hockey is only for more skilled students, not themselves.

Someone may push them to join the school hockey team, but they may also make the daring decision to join without any outside pressure. They may struggle at first until they learn the techniques and regulations. They get more confident as they gain experience. These students have the potential to become worldwide hockey champions in the future.


Hockey is played in many schools and joining their school’s team provides numerous perks for the pupils. It is a rigorous exercise that improves kids’ mental, emotional, and physical health. Team members learn how to collaborate and the discipline required for personal success.

These top hockey prep schools help to improve kids’ social lives, and the sport provides opportunities for them.



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