4 Best Paulding County Middle Schools 


Paulding County, Georgia, is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States today. The fast development has placed great strains on the public school system as well as other public administrations and community resources.

The Paulding County School system is huge. In fact, the area is really too large to be considered a suburb. It is more accurately described as a satellite. The public schools are scattered across the county, which covers over 330 square miles but in this case, we are going to focus on the middle schools in Paulding County, as our topic suggests.

For the past few decades, emphasis has been placed on making middle schools more like high schools in terms of physical structure, student support, and curriculum delivery. Multi-building and hallways similar to those in high schools lack the personalized atmosphere, the confined safety, and the child-centered learning strategies particular to middle schools.

Scroul (2012) explains that when children start going to middle school, they are at a critical time in their social and cognitive development. They are able to participate in abstract thinking and are beginning to form a personal identity so middle schools have to be developed differently from high schools to meet this student’s developing personality.

Paulding County Middle Schools

1. South Paulding Middle School

South Paulding Middle School is a geographically large school, incorporating the eastern part of Carroll County, the eastern part of New Georgia and almost the entirety of Douglas and South Paulding High School feeders.

The school opened in 2009 and has been known for providing high standards in academics, athletics and generally student satisfaction.

In 2011 and 2012, South Paulding Middle School was listed with honors as continuing to be one of Georgia’s schools making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

The extreme goal of the school, according to its mission statement, is “to supply a foundation for 21st-century learning by challenging all students to achieve mastery through ‘real-world’ experiences in a safe, supportive, and environmentally aware school.”

South Paulding Middle School serves students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th, and its associated high school is known as South Paulding High School, found in the same area. Its primary objective is to offer a mobile, safe and modern learning environment where everybody, regardless of their differences, can develop into affluent young citizens characterized by their moral values, literacy, knowledge and skills.

All of these virtues are intended to prepare them for society and the constantly advancing workforce. They also aim to provide the students with the suitable tools to lead productive and prosperous lives as future leaders. South Paulding is characterized by its diverse offering of athletic programs and performance teams, as well as academic guidance offerings with unique developmental opportunities to meet the specific needs of all students.

2. East Paulding Middle School

East Paulding Middle School is a school located in the greater Atlanta region in Dallas, Georgia. This school starts at 6th grade and goes to 8th grade and has a variety of after-school clubs such as Anime Club, Reading Bowl Team, Math Competition, All-State Chorus, Jr. 4-H, FCS Club, Tech Team, Art Club, FFA, and SFA to promote and cater to particular interests. The school is operated by the Paulding County School District and is housed in a large building that was recently constructed.

In East Paulding Middle School, Students are encouraged to take rigorous coursework, including a variety of advanced math and science offerings. Also, many academic courses involve extensive writing in efforts to strengthen the literacy skills of understudies.

The principal also assured that teachers frequently collaborate with one another to provide outstanding instruction and support to help students succeed in each classroom.

Though the objective is to optimize student learning, the school also offers a few unique programs designed to attract and engage students in the educational process.

For example, after recognizing that high school band numbers were dwindling, the principal and band director launched a program to create stronger music and performance skills in middle school.

The pair also visited elementary schools to promote the activities provided by the middle school’s music program.

3. Herschel Jones Middle School

Herschel Jones Middle School was named for Mr. John Herschel Jones, a local hero and well-respected man in the community. The school was established in 1996 and was built to accommodate the increase in population in the school. Herschel Jones Middle School is located at 100 Stadium Road in Dallas, GA.

The grading scale for the students is as follows:

90-100=A, 80-89=B, 74-79=C, 70-73=D, 69 and below=F. The GPA scale for sports is the same as the one for normal classes except for honors, which is a 4.5 and AP, which is a 5.5. The school uses standards-based grading scales, which focuses on students’ mastery of specific skills and standards.

Herschel Jones Middle School is a public school that does not have any religious associations. The population of the school as of 2019–2020 was 776  and the student-teacher ratio is 13:1.

The students’ minority enrollment is 17% (which is below the national average of 51%) and students can boast of caring teachers who teach them to succeed. The classes and after-school programs provided are beneficial for parents so the school’s efforts to cater to academic and friendship needs are met and different people can build new friendships.

4. Sammy McClure Sr. Middle School

Sammy McClure Sr. Middle School is in the heart of Dallas, Georgia. The school is separated by the railroad track running from Marietta to Anniston, Alabama. Each day, McClure has more than 1,000 students moving on and off campus from one side of the track to the other. The train separates the elementary school kids to the north and the high school kids to the south.

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders at McClure move from building to building as well as to the physical education field every other day.

Just a short walk away is Main Street, where there are always people walking and shopping in the numerous stores and restaurants. Just north of the school complex is a private golf-course community; to the south is a mobile home community.

Sammy McClure Sr. Middle School, found on Kirk Road, is an amazing school that truly centers on education. It is big for a middle school, with lots of rooms and a gym. They also have cheerleading, after-school help and sports.

All through the year, Sammy gives all students in each grade a chance to join a sport. Also, students can join sports held by other schools through a feeder pattern. To take part in these sports, students must work hard in school or they are unable to play. This encourages education and makes students work harder to achieve.

Meaning Of Middle School

In public perception, middle school has become the name for the education of young adolescents that happens between elementary and high school.

Middle school is the bridge for students to create more connections in their learning. Every student builds on what they learned in elementary school through a hands-on, mind-on environment, can relate to the topics and is allowed to ask questions, which gives them even more independence. Students are old enough to understand how policies influence them, or rather, how they affect students.

Middle school students are old enough to be responsible for their actions, not because teachers dominate every minute of their school days with rules and standards, but because they offer an opportunity for student-based responsibility.

Middle school students are old enough to understand a variety of issues, and teachers can use their different intelligences to ensure that students have the minimum knowledge necessary to face real life. Middle school is indeed a teaching institution/level that is fair enough for students entering secondary schools.

Academic Programs Available In Paulding County Middle Schools

Paulding County Middle Schools offer academic programs that encompass a range of subjects essential for a comprehensive education. The core subjects in the curriculum, such as mathematics, English, natural sciences, and social studies, are crucial for developing students’ important knowledge and abilities. Also, students have the opportunity to explore foreign languages, improving their comprehension of society and communication abilities.

In addition to mandatory academic courses, elective classes allow students to explore their interests and develop diverse skills. Art, music, physical education and technology can be included to promote creativity, physical health, and thinking outside the box. Tailored programs are created to cater to the specific needs of students, like gifted education, special education, and career and technical education tracks, providing them with specialized abilities for future success.

Additionally, extracurricular activities support educational programs by offering opportunities for personal development, leadership abilities and community engagement.

Each school in Paulding County can offer distinctive programs and initiatives that meet student interests and community demands, guaranteeing a comprehensive and fulfilling educational experience for every student.


In conclusion, opting to enroll your child in a Paulding County middle school ensures that their future is well taken care of. Educators in every middle school are both professionally skilled and invested in your child’s success and welfare.

The goal of every middle school is to strive to improve our children in various ways. While educators are focused on producing smart and well-rounded students, our young thinkers are still just children! They need outings, after-school activities, pep rallies and dances at school. Be confident—there is enough of that for everyone!


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